FF6: The Bertie Borstal

FF6: The Bertie Borstal
Mixed media with preserved Liquorice Allsorts
24 x 6 x 6 inches

Liquorice allsorts represent many family relationships and events for me. A favourite of my mum’s when visiting the cinema, a harsh elbow in my side accompanied by a request to hand over ‘the bobbly ones” would invariably interrupt tension filled or pivotal moments in the films we saw together. The most popular maker of these sweets in the UK are Bassett’s who include in every packet a small figure made of liquorice commonly known as Bertie Bassett.

In The Bertie Borstal, I employed a variety of methods including preservation, cutting and papier-Mache to develop a three-dimensional tower of sweets to incarcerate a human form. The only potential means of escape would be to consume the surrounding walls, but this would merely lead to a deeper imprisonment as the form would expand in size and thus become too large to escape the structure.