Food Frustration Series


Food addiction can be a living hell.

In Food Frustration, I investigate the possibilities and potential of food substances as visual mediums through a process of subverting and reframing the colours, shapes and textures of food into new forms. Employing food for something other than its primary purpose was an area which intrigued me.

The work explores my dysfunctional and restrictive relationship with food and its psychological power and impact upon me.

Pieces formed from a diverse mixture of food substances were researched, preserved and amalgamated with traditional art materials including ink, acrylic and gouache paints, plastics, board and photographic print over a four-year period.

Many of the works encompass rough, crude and childlike properties in their completed forms, which reflects both the fragility of some of the mediums used in tandem with my experience of addiction as a disease whose main purpose is to avoid the pain/reality of life and the responsibility and accountability of adulthood.

It is gratifying to transform profoundly negative feelings and destructive behaviors through the creative process. My recovery is ongoing and I continue to investigate the possibilities of creating work to provoke thought and discussion about food addiction.